Thursday, January 20, 2011

Winter Wonderland

This week, one of Mama Kat's writing prompts was a photo journal entry
about what winter looks like in my town.

This is my first REAL winter.  The first one where I've experienced cold
and the first where I've experienced snow.

Winter in Southern California is palm trees and rain.
Maybe some ice on your windshield here and there.
If you want to take the kids sledding, you load them up in the car
and drive at least an hour to the nearest ski resort.

Winter in Arizona is like summer in Arizona, except not 120 degrees.
It's sunshine and flip flops.  It's 80 degree days.
If you want to take the kids sledding, you load them up in the car
and drive three hours to the nearest place with enough elevation to get snow.

To say that winter in Michigan is different is like saying that
Jerry Falwell and Boy George are different.

It's a WHOLE new world over here.

It's icicles.

It's "Hey, that's the one bush that's still green, buried under a foot of snow."

Because seriously, all the other bushes look like this.

I know this isn't exactly what winter looks like in my TOWN,
but I'm still awed by the simple things right in front of me.

And since I'm terrified of driving in the snow, I haven't been getting out a whole lot.


Unknown said...

I grew up (and still live) in northern Minnesota and I've got to say I'm still not a big fan of winter driving. I definitely understand your apprehension! I hope you're enjoying the beauty of the season: it'll all melt soon, I swear!

Kate Hayes said...

While I have never lived in warm California or Arizona, my family just moved from St. Louis to Boston last May. While I have seen snow in my day, I have never seen snow like we get it here! Some days I feel like we have moved to Siberia. Two blizzards already this winter, another storm predicted for tomorrow, and a constant barrage of "small" snowfalls. And I hate driving in it too! Especially when the locals ride my tail the whole time because I'm going too slow.

Nicole @ said...

I'm loving this tour of winter via Mama Kat. I miss the snow - but I can only take it in small doses, so I'm not complaining! :-)

Anonymous said...

I love the beautiful look of snow and we're planning to move up north soon, but honestly? I don't know if I could handle it. I don't even like to drive in the rain! And the thought of being snowbound, for days on end end with my kids? >gulp<

Amanda said...

I've lived in Michigan and Ohio so by now the winter weather is just part of life....but one day I'd like to move to South Carolina or something :)

Unknown said...

I love winter...I look for the beauty in all 4 seasons I experience in Minnesota. You do get used to the driving, just take it slow. Stopping by from Mama Kat's.

Tara said...

Love all the Pictures! Enjoy it while it lasts!

SarahMarie said...

I live an hour outside of Chicago, so I know how you feel about snow! And I hate driving in it too!

Jennifer said...

I'm from Georgia, and the whole state shut down for a week because we got six inches of snow. I'm pretty sure I would experience your shock if I moved to a northern state.

Visiting from Mama Kat's!

Karen and Gerard said...

Arizona winters sound good to me! Stop by and check out our Cleveland winter if you get a chance:

That icicle picture reminds me, I better get out there and knock ours down.

Anonymous said...

The snow is so beautiful!

But I know what you mean about driving in it. I'm from San Diego myself, so I have no snow driving skilz. (Not that it's been much of a problem in Virginia this winter!)

Anonymous said...

Oh I wish there was a little more snow here than we have this year. But not too much more!! :) Living in Virginia means sometimes we get snow and other years we get NOTHING all season! Cold without the benefits in my opinion.