Friday, January 14, 2011

Who Are YOU?

Everyone else is doing it, and by "IT" I don't mean drugs or sex.

It's this whole De-Lurking day thing.

See?  It even came with a flasher guy!

This thing says that I have 22 followers.  
Exactly FOUR of you comment on any kind of regular basis. 

A special Shout Out to:

Soooo.  Today is the day that YOU tell me something about you.

1)  Do you have a blog or twitter that I should be following?

2)  What is your excuse for not regularly commenting on my awesomeness?
Am I just not that awesome?  
Is it that you come read my blog like some kind of train wreck you just can't walk away from?

3)  What is your favorite thing about my blog?

4) Is there something you wish I'd blog more about?  Or less? 
 Or something really annoying that I do that drives you nuts? 

5)  I fear that I use the word "So" too much.  Please discuss.


Jenny Grace said...

I'm @grace134, I don't comment regularly because I'm lame, my favorite thing about your blog is YOU, I have not noticed overuse of 'so'.

Turtles In Northern Florida said...

Hi my name is Becca. I am not a regular commenter eithr. I love reading but dont always think of something to say until I leave.Lol...Love your blog tho!

Lena said...

So if I am not a lurker am I a stalker?
1) Come follow me at my new home please
2) um my problem is that I over comment... Hey did you send that bunny porn mug yet?
3) you are as ADD as me!
4) I miss your posts about your ADD kiddo
5) so, you so do not use the word so too much so stop worrying so much :)

Lorna said...

Lena I sent your mug last week. Other people who I mailed stuff to the same day have received their items in the last day or two. You should be getting it any day now.