Sunday, November 30, 2008

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas, In A Sad Kinda Way

This morning I woke up to two of my three kids barfing. Yay me! Thanksgiving morning my mom called to tell me she was sick and throwing up. She offered that the hubby and I could come over and cook all the food. Yeah sure, and be around all the barf germs, no thanks. So her next suggestion was we just do it on Friday. Ok. Hopefully then we would know if it was a flu thing or a something she ate thing. Friday she said she was feeling better and was sure that it was something she ate. So we went over for dinner. Apparently it wasn't because now the kids are sick. What fun!

Now of course I'm out of Gatorade, Sprite, and all the other things that barfing kids need. I decide to run over to Walgreens and pick some up.

You won't believe what I found!

Remember yesterday when I said I was just going to do a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree?

Well guess what they had for sale at Walgreens, for $9.99.

Yup. It's a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree!!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Virtual Decorating

Have I ever mentioned that Christmas is my favorite holiday ever!!! Well it is. And it bums me out to no end that I have to move 5 days after Christmas. Actually sooner, since I actually have to be OUT of the house 5 days after Christmas. Which means I can't even think about putting up a tree and decorating my house. I usually put up a ton of stuff and a giant tree, and once I get it up, it stays up until like the end of January before I have enough energy to take it all back down again. Hell, I just put away my Halloween decorations today! There was also no way I was going to to be able to talk the hubby into putting up lights. Usually it takes three acts of Congress and me threatening to get on a ladder and do it myself before he will do it, and then like the inside stuff, it stays up way too long. Usually until we get nasty notes from the HOA telling us to take them down. So I'm thinking about hitting up tree lots for the Charlie Brown Christmas tree. You know the little stick with one ornament and Linus' blankie for a tree skirt. Yup. That's what I'm doing this year. So since I can't decorate my house, I decided to decorate my blog. I put up a new Christmassy background, and updated my playlist with all my favorite Christmas songs. Enjoy.

Movies and Moving

My morning started off with getting the kids together and heading for the movie theatre. After lightening my wallet considerably buying tickets, popcorn, candy, and drinks, we saw Bolt. Well actually the little two and I saw Bolt while the oldest and her boyfriend chose Madagascar. Bolt was really cute, and the really great computer animation of Hollywood made me homesick.

Then we came home and I made the little two sort through their boxes in the garage, trying desperately to slim down the crap we are going to have to move in what is now 31 days. This is Tiff sorting her stuff.

Notice how thrilled she looks? She was upset that it was taking so long. Do you also see that she is wearing a baby doll bib, one purple glove, an arm band, a watch, and a bracelet. This was before she put on the headband with two feathery antenae and a purple hair clip. She spent more time playing with the stuff than sorting it. She ended up purging one box of stuff.

Next it was Kimberly's turn. She didn't have as much to start with, and still managed to purge a box as big as Tiff did. I didn't get any pictures, because she was finished rather quickly. I think she may be the only one in the house lacking the pack rat gene.

Tomorrow will be Aimee's turn. She currently has more boxes than both of her sisters put together, but since I know she just packed everything she found into boxes, I'm sure once we remove the candy wrappers, garbage, hangers, and dirty clothes we should reduce her pile by half. That's the goal at least.

Friday, November 28, 2008

The Real Reason I Showed Up Today

Ok. I didn't just decide to blog about vasectomies today. I actually logged in to blogger today to update all my internet stalkers on the progress of our move.

We officially have a date. We still don't know where we are going. Nice, Huh? Ya. So on Wednesday I get an email from our landlord that informs me that she finally has gotten an offer on the house and there is some addendum these people want me to sign stating that I WILL be out by December 30th. So there it is. December 30th. 32 days from today.

Yesterday I crawled into a corner and hid. Not literally, but I did read all day which totally pissed off the hubby. We ended up fighting and then making up, after I explained to him that the only way I can cope right now is not to think about it. We don't want to move to Michigan until we have at least the beginnings of some investment in our business. Otherwise we are in Michigan with nothing to do but freeze our asses off. Have I mentioned that the highs there lately have been hovering around the freezing mark? Yeah, the HIGHS, freezing. WTF? So if we don't have some investment in the next 32 days, we are stuck either having to sign a lease on a place here for way longer than we are going to be staying here, or be homeless. I spent a good part of my morning yesterday trying to find month to month or short term rentals here in AZ. After not finding anything that would remotely meet our needs, I was in an understandably shitty mood. Rather than take it out on my family, I decided to leave them all alone and read a book.

So after explaining to the hubby that I wasn't trying to be mean to him, only trying to not lose my mind, he told me just to relax and let him handle it. Yeah, because that's so easy and I totally haven't tried that yet.

No more swimmers

This isn't exactly a new story. It happend about 4 years ago. I decided to post it though, because A. It's funny as hell, and B. My friend Beth mentioned in one of her recent posts that she was afraid that her hubby was going to be traumatized my her dog's neutering and not get a vasectomy.

After 3 kids we decided we were done. I insisted that since I had birthed three children and had spent numerous days in the hospital overnight as a result, that it was only fair that hubby go do the simple little outpatient procedure to solve our little problem. Besides the fact that our insurance in all it's wisdom, wouldn't cover either procedure and the vasectomy was way cheaper to pay for out of pocket. That never made sense to me. I could have 15 more kids and the insurance would not only pay for me to birth them, but then pay for every sniffle and broken bone until they were 18, but they wouldn't pay for a $500 procedure so we wouldn't have anymore. Hubby still wasn't so convinced. His manliness and all that. Blah!

Birth control was making me absolutely loony. I was taking anti depressants for the looniness and those gave me insomnia, so I had sleeping pills for that. Can you see the chain reaction here? I was taking pills for the side effects of my pills. My doctor suggested that if I just stopped taking hormonal birth control, I could probably stop all the other shit too. So one day I told the hubby that I wasn't doing it anymore. We could use condoms until he decided to go.

Fast forward 6 months. By now he's getting tired of me making him use condoms all the time, and a couple of his friends went and got it done and told him it was no big deal, so he finally got up the courage and went. I went with him. Someone had to drive him home and all that. So I'm actually in there with him while the doctor is doing it. They give him a local and a little while later the doc starts doing his thing. Apparently there is some tugging involved and although it wasn't painful, it was certainly uncomfortable. So he's kinda moaning and such as the doc is rooting around in there with some kind of crochet hook contraption and I'm watching this and listening and I pipe up with "You know honey, this does seem to be more painful than I had thought it would be, but compared to giving birth three times, I still win." The doc starts laughing in that it's good he wasn't drinking coffee way, because it would have surely come out his nose. And the hubby says to me "Do you mind not making the guy laugh when he's holding sharp objects next to my nuts?"

So he played up the whole thing for like a week after, sitting in the chair with his feet up, me bringing him food and drinks, and lots of bags of frozen peas, but he lived, and he's no less manly. I on the other hand got my sanity back and no longer had a laundry list of prescriptions to fill every month.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Monday Again

It's Monday and I'm not ready for it. I did manage to get the kids off to school on time, which was a major accomplishment considering that they kept going back to sleep when I tried to wake them this morning. I really need to make bedtime earlier. They also had clean clothes, because we managed to get a few loads of laundry done over the weekend, but it didn't all get done, and several loads are on my couch waiting to be folded. At least they are clean. When I asked Aimee to sort the laundry though, she totally forgot to get the hamper out of MY room though, so I had to do a load this morning, just so I could wear clean clothes today too. The house is a mess, again, because I spent most of the weekend polishing the business plan and being too brain fried to yell at the kids to pick up their messes. Somehow they seem to know when mom is off her game and take full advantage. So now it's the beginning of a new week, and I'm going to spend the whole thing playing catch up. Hubby was supposed to be home tomorrow, and now that's been pushed back until Friday. Who knows if that will stick. Someday I will see my hubby again. I really do miss him.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Things that make me throw up a little

I've spent the last several days working hard on my husband's business plan. I must say, I'm pretty damn good at writing business plans. Things do get a little fuzzy at times, calculating that many figures can make you go cross-eyed, so a few times I took some time out to cruise the internet to decompress. I click a link about Britney Spears, because like all trainwrecks, you just have to look. Don't get me wrong, I love Britney, and I'm rooting for her mental health. I feel for her losing her boys like that. I couldn't imagine only being able to see my kids for two visits and one overnight a week. So whenever I see something about her, I have to look, hoping to find that she is doing well.

So apparently recently she appeared with Madonna in Los Angeles, and there were pictures. Horrible pictures. Not of Britney. No Britney looked beautiful, put together, and DRESSED, in a white blouse and black slacks. It was Madonna who was half naked, wearing her underwear, fishnets, and a gigantic top hat on her pasty body, looking like something out of Nightmare Before Christmas. Some might say that she is in excellent shape for being 50, but she still is 50, and there are some things I'd just rather not see. Put on some clothes Madonna. Looking at these pictures is like catching your grandma coming out of the shower.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Everything and Nothing

I wish I had a nifty excuse for why I'm yet again being a terrible blogger. I don't. I can't even say that I've been busy, because even though there is a ton of stuff I should be doing, fact is, I've been spending most of my time reading books and trying to ignore anything that needs done. If I'm lost in a good book, I can't be stressed about the chaos in my life.

I'm still clueless about where I will be living in a month. The hubby is working on a totally awesome business idea, and if that comes through, we will be moving to Michigan. Until that is finalized though, there is nothing to do but wait. I can't even be seriously looking for a new place either here or there and the stress is making me nuts.

I seriously considered going to the doctor and getting on some antidepressants because most days I wake up and just want to crawl back in bed and hide. Since that isn't an option, I've been trying to make myself be productive. Last week I spent a whole day out in my garage trying to sort out what I need and what I can get rid of. I figured that one way or another, I'm going to have to move somewhere, and when I do, it will be easier without so much stuff. I got through everything on one side of the garage and it is my goal to work on the other side this week.

I also got started on my book. I finished the first chapter and have worked out most of the main story line. So far I'm laughing my ass off, so hopefully others will find it as funny as I do.

Oh, and last week some real estate agent locked me out of my house. My key being in the lockbox, I've been coming in through the garage, and instead of leaving things the way they found them, they decided to lock every possible lock, including the one from the garage into the house and my screen door. Plus there was yet another agent that showed up an hour past the window of time she had given me. I have now started asking all agents that call if they own a watch and can tell time.