Monday, January 3, 2011


With all the craziness in December a few things got put off until the new year.

Obviously regular blogging on my part was one of them.  I'm not going to declare that "I'm Back!!" or anything that dramatic.  Those of you that have followed me for awhile know that I don't blog on any kind of regular time table.  I apologize however if your December was in any way less grand because of not being able to read my blog.  Somehow I doubt this, but I'll put it out there anyway.

The other thing that got put off was the shipment of naughty bunny mugs.  As soon as the giveaway ended, I ordered them from CSN which shipped them promptly to my house.  The only problem being that they shipped the FOUR mugs I ordered in one box.  Apparently they come from their maker in sets of 4.  Since I had ordered this many, I got four, in their original 4 pack box. That's fantastic, because that left me having to find coffee mug shaped boxes, suitable for mailing, in the busiest shipping month of the year.  So sorry to my winners, I decided to put off this task until the new year.  Tops on my list this week is to find boxes and get these in the mail.

My tree, and all my other Christmas decorations are still up, and I have no immediate plans to take them down.  The amount of work involved hurts my head. I really don't understand how some people decorate for EVERY holiday to this extent.  Most other holidays are acknowledged in this house by a different hand towel in the guest bath.  Yeah, I know, I got all out.  Then there are the gung ho people that take it all down the day after Christmas.  You know who you are, (ahem, cough, Kim, cough).  Really, how do they do it?  I was still nursing a headache from only having about 4 hours sleep Christmas Eve.

Of course, next year, this won't be a problem.  On Christmas morning, when the hubby and I finally dragged ourselves out of bed, after hours of the kids coming in and trying to extricate us from our slumber, we decided that we'd had enough of staying up until the last of the kiddos FINALLY fell asleep so Santa could come, only to be woken four hours later by those same children who somehow require a third less sleep on Christmas.

No, we aren't going to stop believing in Santa.  What we are going to do is wake the kids up right after he comes.  Yup, next year as soon as the kids are asleep and Santa comes, we are going to wake them all up, (the hubby wants to do this with a bull horn) and drag them all downstairs for present opening.  Then they can either stay up and play with their toys or go back to sleep, but we will be able to go back to sleep and not have to worry about being woken up at 6 am by impatient kids.