Friday, January 21, 2011

Cats With Thumbs

I've been promising my children that we'd get new kittens for a while now.

I've been looking and there just haven't been that many kittens on craigslist.
The ones that there were, either didn't have pictures or just didn't pull at my heart strings.

Then last week I saw an ad for these cuties.

 They are sisters and they have thumbs.

We went to go look at them after the kids got home from school.
On the way there, I told my oldest that the cats had six toes,
and she said "Really??" in the most hopeful excited voice you can imagine.
She started ranting about how Jenny The Bloggess recently got a cat with 6 toes also.
Of course I already knew this, because hello,
I've been reading The Bloggess way longer than she has.
Right then, the deal was sealed, we were getting us some cats with thumbs.

When my hubby got home from a work trip the next day, he was slightly ticked that once again,
I obtained new animals for our household when he was out of town.
He really looked at me sideways when I told him they had bonus toes.
He may have said something about them being mutants.
We think they're awesome.


Jenn Sullivan said...

Those kittens are so cute! I could see why you had to get them. Adorable mutants...