Saturday, January 26, 2008

What's that noise?

Last night about 10:30 pm I heard this enormous racket coming from outside. Knowing that this was in no way a normal noise, I donned my slippers and went out in my bathrobe to investigate. Once outside I found my pool pump making a noise similar to what you might hear if you put rocks in your garbage disposal. It was not a nice noise. I don't like loud noise. I doubt my neighbors were appreciating it either. I went back in for a flashlight so I could see to turn the equipment off. When I get back outside it seems even louder, either that or I'm just rapidly becoming less tollerant of the banging noise. I get to the equipment and see that the offending part has a label that says "whisper flow" (now that's pretty funny). I try to shut it off, but the little lever to shut it off won't budge. I try moving the timing mechanism thinking I can trick it into thinking it's done for the day, but no it keeps on banging. Now I'm getting worried that metal pieces are about to go flying and I give the lever one more try. Success. It's now quiet again in my yard. I go back inside. Take off my slippers, get back in bed, get all warm and cozy, and remember that I changed the timer and forgot to put it back. I get up, and go back outside to fix it, for fear that the ruckus will start again before morning if I didn't.

This morning I called the pool man. From my colorful description he was able to determine, without even coming out to check, that the source of the noise is a motor that has gone bad. So if your pool pump ever sounds like it's trying to make a rock margarita, get ready to spend a few bucks on a new motor.