Monday, January 21, 2008

Overdue Library Books

All the fun I had last week, working, looking for a new job, and troubleshooting the blog kept me from my reading. I currently have 27 books checked out from the library. Two of them are overdue, and only nine of them are mine. The other 18 belong to my children who because they insisted on keeping their own library cards in their own purses and therefore never have them with them when we are at the library.

Of the ones that are mine, I would really like to read them. One of them is Lovely Bones, which one of my friends just raved about. I also have Learning Outside the Lines. I really loved The Short Bus and I'm excited to read the book that started it all. I have a Christopher Moore book, he is one of my favorite writers when I want a good laugh. One of the overdue ones is the new James Patterson, apparently books with a lot of demand are checked out for a shorter amount of time which is how it became overdue in the first place. I also checked out the OJ book, but I'm not sure I want to read it. Part of me is sickly curious, and the other part says "you know he did it, do you really need to know how". My other checked out books are various other books about ADHD. Hopefully this week, I will have some time to read.