Wednesday, January 30, 2008

If I could only

It's Wednesday and my little pirate is still home sick. My hubby also has the day off and both of them are still sleeping. Must be nice.

I'm itching to do something artsy. Reading my friend Maria's blog has really gotten my artistic juices flowing. I've known Maria for a while now, but I just found out she has a blog. I knew she was artistic, but wow! She takes scraps and pieces of things and uses them to make the most beautiful art. I was showing Maria's pictures to my Kimberly one who also loves to use leftover scraps to make art. She said "that's what I do, can we sell my creations online too?". I think I need to get her some prettier scraps though, she uses a lot of blue copier paper in her art, I don't think it's quite as marketable. I'm just frustrated today, I have a bunch of great project ideas right now, but no money to go buy the materials I need to make them. I do have the materials for some unfinished sewing projects, but my sewing machine is broken. Grr.