Friday, February 11, 2011

Hubby Always Said I Can't Measure

He says I think things are bigger than they really are.

I'm beginning to think he is right.

I got my Le Creuset baking dishes from CSN last week.  They got here super fast.  Like 3 days after I ordered them.  Considering that it was free shipping, I expected they would be sent the slowest way possible on the back of a sloth or something, so three days was super exciting.

I tore into the big box like a kid on Christmas day.  Inside I found a LOT of packing material and two little baking dishes.  Huh?  I stood there scratching my head about how they seemed to be half the size I was expecting when the Hubby came over and schooled me (again) in measurement.  The measurements I had even typed into my first post about them, 10.5' x 7' baking dish and bonus 7' x 5' dish.  He pointed to a framed picture on my bookshelf and said "Honey, what size is this picture?"  I replied "5' x 7'".  He held up my small 7' x 5' dish next to the picture and then turned it sideways while cocking one eyebrow as if to say "Really?  You somehow expected this to be larger?"  Yes, yes I did.  

So now I don't know what I'm going to bake for my family of five in these little dishes, 
but they sure are pretty.


Jenn Sullivan said...

Okay, so have been thinking about what you shoul dbake in your mini dishes and have come up with a couple ideas...
Mini lasagna for one (or 2 kids)
Baked mac and cheese for one (or the kids)
Yep, that's about it...
Good luck!

Lena said...

dedicate the 7x5 for roasting garlic!