Monday, December 1, 2008

Search Engines

So today I was checking my weekly stats. I have this gizmo on my blog that will tell me how many visitors I've gotten in the last week, and how they found me. Some are clicking a link on someone else's blog (and for that I thank everyone who links to me), others come directly because they have bookmarked me (also very cool peeps), or they find me by a search engine. If you don't have one of these gizmos, I highly recommend you get one. Just for the pure enjoyment. It cracks me up to see some of the things people are searching for when they reach my blog. Here are some highlights.

A lot of people out there are looking for Cookie Dough Dip Recipies. I thank Alisha for giving me that recipe.

There are also a lot of people who want to know about lizard's swimming skills.

Others, well.... I'm not quite sure what they were looking for.

Like this

chuckecheeses' heigh ho heigh ho its off work we go snow white
What exactly was this person trying to find?

funny first day of school on the short bus for cell phones
I'm picturing a bunch of special cell phones going to their first day of cell phone school on the short bus and having hillarious adventures.

i left bananas in my car
sucks to be you. they really stink up the place.

i found a lizard in my pool what can i do?
Hmm, I don't know, how about take it out? Unless you want rotted dead lizard parts floating around in there.

pool pump keeps louder noise
Good. I'm glad it kept it. I don't want it. Some people seem to be verb challenged.

good 12 year old phone
If it still works after 12 years it's got to be good.

Several other people were actually looking for a good phone for a 12 year old and while I don't think my blog offered them any hints as to what phone to buy, I'm sure hoping they all blocked premium text messaging.

All of these I can kind of see how they ended up on my blog. Even the chuckecheeses/snow white guy. I do have a Chuck E Cheese post. But this last one leaves me absolutely clueless.

she liked it rigid
Wha??? I'm pretty sure they might have been looking for some "other" type of blog. What in the world made Google think they wanted me??


just beth said...

i want this thing on my blog. tell me how to get it!~