Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Wreath

Inspired by my friend Maria, today I made this beautiful wreath.

I started with a plain wreath from Walmart for $10. Added to it about 75 bulbs of different sizes purchased from the 99 cent store. The letter R came from Michaels along with the Martha Stewart glitter. Now I really can't stand Martha Stewart, but she makes a damn good glitter. I also used 3 yards of wired ribbon, and lots and lots of hot glue.


raino said...

good job! eat your heart out Martha.

LenaLoo said...

Beautiful! WHo says ADDers can't finish something? Whoever did has never heard of hyper-focusing! I made an award and I want to give one to you! Did you know this was the first blog I started reading when I made my blog? I clicked ADD in my profile and out you popped! Thanks for being my first bloggy friend!

just beth said...

god i wish i was the LEAST bit crafty. i would have glued the thing to the table.



brookah said...


aero1600 said...

That's awesome!

Make one for me now!

Little Lovables said...

This is beautiful! Martha makes good glitter, have you ever used German Glass Glitter? It's like tiny crystalized drops of heaven.

Monica said...

look at you getting all CRAFTY !!
love how it turned out :)
I have been working on a pink and silver one but have not had anytime to finish it up!
Have a great Holiday :)