Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Smart Dog, Dumb Dog, Smart Owner

I have two dogs.
One is smart.

One is dumb as a box of rocks

I'm not trying to be mean. It's just true. After living in this house for over a year and repeatedly trying to teach the dumb dog how to use the doggy door, he just didn't get it. I thought maybe the door was too hard for him to push or something, being that he is a very small dog. So this summer we got the puppy. She was just slightly bigger than a soda can when we brought her home, and you know what? Within 2 days, she walked over to the doggie door and went outside by herself. So much for that theory. So now I think, "ok, dumb dog will see her doing it, and he will figure it out". Nope, he just watches her go through it and stands there with this dumb "where did she go???" look on his face.

So now it's starting to get cool at night, and I'd like to bring the dogs in so they don't freeze, but dumb dog throws a fit anytime I put him in the crate. He scratches and barks until we let him back out. So I got this idea.

Yup that would be the crate pushed in front of the doggie door, so that any dog who wishes to come in from the cold may. Notice the smart dog has already figured it out.


just beth said...

that is funny. i can't wait to see if the DD gets it.

LenaLoo said...

What kinds of dogs are they? They are cute! Our cats our like that... My hubby calls my cat Dumb Dumb instead of his name (well actually we don't call either of them by their names anymore because hubby likes generic names (boy cat and girl cat, orange cat, white cat, fat cat, etc.) better... He calls his cat Girl Girl... (I secretly think he's the dumb one, but that's besides the point)...

Lorna said...

The smart dog is a chihuahua weenie dog mix, and the dumb dog is a chihuahua something unknown mix. We are guessing pomeranian. He's kinda fluffy and prances.

We also have cats, the cool chill cat, the scaredy cat, and the inbred dumb cat, but that's another post. Maybe tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

I've got the soon-to-be-13-year-old purebred Chihuahua....he is a smart dog, but annoying as all get out.

I can see he's getting older, and it's sad to see. He doesn't move around much anymore, but is still loving and wants to be with us all the time.

He told me last week that he still doesn't like Beth, however ;)

just beth said...

shibuii's dog is the reason why people hate little dogs. snappy, yappy and dumb.

you tell him i said so, shibuii. oh, and ppththtpthththtphthtpth.



Mary said...

I Have a 2 year old purebred chiwawa. He was abubsed and every time i try to train him or go near him he backs away like im going to hit him or something. How can i make him realize that he's safe now and no one is going to hurt him? I love him and just want him to feel safe all the time.