Sunday, November 30, 2008

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas, In A Sad Kinda Way

This morning I woke up to two of my three kids barfing. Yay me! Thanksgiving morning my mom called to tell me she was sick and throwing up. She offered that the hubby and I could come over and cook all the food. Yeah sure, and be around all the barf germs, no thanks. So her next suggestion was we just do it on Friday. Ok. Hopefully then we would know if it was a flu thing or a something she ate thing. Friday she said she was feeling better and was sure that it was something she ate. So we went over for dinner. Apparently it wasn't because now the kids are sick. What fun!

Now of course I'm out of Gatorade, Sprite, and all the other things that barfing kids need. I decide to run over to Walgreens and pick some up.

You won't believe what I found!

Remember yesterday when I said I was just going to do a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree?

Well guess what they had for sale at Walgreens, for $9.99.

Yup. It's a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree!!


aero1600 said...

awww. What a cute sad little tree.

Hope the kids feel better...