Friday, November 28, 2008

The Real Reason I Showed Up Today

Ok. I didn't just decide to blog about vasectomies today. I actually logged in to blogger today to update all my internet stalkers on the progress of our move.

We officially have a date. We still don't know where we are going. Nice, Huh? Ya. So on Wednesday I get an email from our landlord that informs me that she finally has gotten an offer on the house and there is some addendum these people want me to sign stating that I WILL be out by December 30th. So there it is. December 30th. 32 days from today.

Yesterday I crawled into a corner and hid. Not literally, but I did read all day which totally pissed off the hubby. We ended up fighting and then making up, after I explained to him that the only way I can cope right now is not to think about it. We don't want to move to Michigan until we have at least the beginnings of some investment in our business. Otherwise we are in Michigan with nothing to do but freeze our asses off. Have I mentioned that the highs there lately have been hovering around the freezing mark? Yeah, the HIGHS, freezing. WTF? So if we don't have some investment in the next 32 days, we are stuck either having to sign a lease on a place here for way longer than we are going to be staying here, or be homeless. I spent a good part of my morning yesterday trying to find month to month or short term rentals here in AZ. After not finding anything that would remotely meet our needs, I was in an understandably shitty mood. Rather than take it out on my family, I decided to leave them all alone and read a book.

So after explaining to the hubby that I wasn't trying to be mean to him, only trying to not lose my mind, he told me just to relax and let him handle it. Yeah, because that's so easy and I totally haven't tried that yet.


LenaLoo said...

Hey there,
Thanks for updating us bloggy stalkers... We were beginning to worry... Hope all goes well for you guys! That is a lot of stress you are dealing with... What book did you take your stress out with might I ask? I just read Twilight... It was fantastic! Praying for you guys!

just beth said...

ohmybarf. i'm sorry. what a bunch of crap.