Saturday, November 29, 2008

Virtual Decorating

Have I ever mentioned that Christmas is my favorite holiday ever!!! Well it is. And it bums me out to no end that I have to move 5 days after Christmas. Actually sooner, since I actually have to be OUT of the house 5 days after Christmas. Which means I can't even think about putting up a tree and decorating my house. I usually put up a ton of stuff and a giant tree, and once I get it up, it stays up until like the end of January before I have enough energy to take it all back down again. Hell, I just put away my Halloween decorations today! There was also no way I was going to to be able to talk the hubby into putting up lights. Usually it takes three acts of Congress and me threatening to get on a ladder and do it myself before he will do it, and then like the inside stuff, it stays up way too long. Usually until we get nasty notes from the HOA telling us to take them down. So I'm thinking about hitting up tree lots for the Charlie Brown Christmas tree. You know the little stick with one ornament and Linus' blankie for a tree skirt. Yup. That's what I'm doing this year. So since I can't decorate my house, I decided to decorate my blog. I put up a new Christmassy background, and updated my playlist with all my favorite Christmas songs. Enjoy.


aero1600 said...

Bah Humbug

LenaLoo said...

Looks great! I virtually deco'd too and it made me feel all happy and Christmasy! Sorry about having to move so quickly after Christmas, but I say go for the Charlie Brown Gutso!