Thursday, September 25, 2008

Emma starts with M

Ack. Sorry for the lack of posting yesterday but I was BUSY!! Kimberly had an appointment with her psychiatrist in the morning. She's gained 10 pounds in the last 6 months, so a little tweak to her medicine was in order. She has been doing very well lately, hopefully this adjustment will help with the issues she is still struggling with. We are also starting therapy next week. She's really excited. She gets to see the doctor who evaluated her for learning disabilities. In 4 weeks she fell in love with him. She liked him so much that she wanted him to be her step-dad. When my mom explained to her that would mean mommy would have to divorce daddy, she decided that maybe that wasn't the best idea after all. Then she decided that he should marry her 3rd grade teacher, her favorite of all time. 3rd grade teacher's husband might not approve of that either, but I can see the connection she is making. These two people understand her. They took the time to get to know her, to help her, and to make her feel good about herself. Obviously they should be together, Right? So next week we start therapy to work on a couple things that she's struggling with. Mainly very rigid thinking. If she gets an idea in her head, it's stuck there like cement. And there is no convincing her otherwise, because that would make her wrong, and she doesn't like to be wrong. As an example, in preschool she told me that her classmate Emma's name started with "M". I said no it starts with "E". She said "No mom, it starts with M, and then pronounced the sylables very sharply 'EM UH', see mom, it starts with M". I'm not kidding you when I tell you I argued this point with her daily for about 3 months. Then finally, realizing the futility of arguing with a 4 year old said "You're right, Emma starts with M" and that was the end of it. Except for the fact that she's not 4 anymore and she is still just as rigid in her thinking. The other day she was convinced that 9x7 was 62, and when her teacher tried (repeatedly) to convince her that it was in fact 63, said something to the effect of "you need to get it through your head.....". That earned her a detention. It's time to work on our rigid thinking.

After all that, I did laundry, it was Washing Machine Wednesday after all, and I need clothes for my trip this weekend. So now I'm off. For me today is Travel Sized Thursday. I need to go buy little shampoos and conditioners for my trip.