Saturday, September 6, 2008

Bad Bad Blogger

I know, it's been almost a week. Where is the witty commentary on life with three precocious children? I've been busy.

The landlord informed me that she is going ahead with trying to short sell the house. That means I have to get myself out of the little dream that I've been living that everything would work out fine and I wouldn't have to move. Beyond that I need to make the house presentable for people to come look at it. Not that I live in filth and squalor, but I have kids, and a short attention span. Short of my manic moments, things aren't always sparkling clean. So this week has been about cleaning and purging, making everything all pretty and tidy. Not to mention packing up at least 50% of our stuff because if the kids don't have it, they can't drag it out. The new rule in this house is you have 5 minutes to clean your room, anything left out gets put in a box and you can see it again when we move. Maybe we shouldn't have so much stuff. Does a 7 year old really need 50 stuffed animals?

In addition to the readying the house for sale project I spent 10 hours taking my oldest to and from swim practice. She's decided she's going to the Olympics in 4 years. It's my job to make sure she has the training to get her there. Not that I don't love the fact that she is better than me at the only sport I could ever do without injuring myself. I would have loved to go to the Olympics, but I was too lazy to try that hard for anything. My daughter on the other hand is your typical oldest child over achiever. She's gung ho about this Olympic thing even if it means all that practice and no time for friends, the mall, and dating. She actually told one of her friends that she didn't have time for a boyfriend, she was going to the Olympics. Something that makes an (almost) teen age girl swear off boys... sign me up!!

Oh and this week my ADD'er decided she wanted to try being on a glueten free/casein free diet to see if it would help her ADD. I told her it would mean no cookies, cake, or ice cream and she said if it would help her she wanted to try it. Okey dokey. She started the morning with some scrambled eggs and headed off to school happy as could be. I ran to the store and spent $30 bucks on special bread, special snacks, special non-milk milk. I packed her a lunch and took it to her at school. Inside her lunch I included a note telling her how proud I was of her. That being willing to give up some of her favorite foods to try and help her ADD was very mature. I said a bunch of other good mom, lovey stuff too, but I won't bore you with all that here. For dinner that night we stopped at Dairy Queen, probably not the best choice. She wanted a burger and had it without the bun. I let her get a slushy since her sisters were going to get ice cream with their meal for dessert. At this point she decided that this might be harder than she thought. I encouraged her to stick with it for a few weeks to give it enough time to see if it worked. Then she could make an educated decision about whether or not it was worth it to stay on the diet. The thing I've noticed is she seems to be eating double or even triple. The next day she had eggs again for breakfast. For lunch I made her PB&J on her special bread. Then she wanted some of the pulled pork we had for dinner the other night. She ate two bowls. For dinner she ate two burgers. I know, burgers two nights in a row, bad mommy. I promise tonight she will have some chicken, ok?

Add to that about 8 hours of doing PTA stuff for the school and another few hours working, you can see why I didn't have much time to blog. I think I can blog from my crackberry, but I haven't figured it out yet. Maybe I'll try to do that this week and then I can blog from swim practice.


Anonymous said...

A better option (if you can't blog from your crackberry) may be Twitterberry

If you sign up for a twitter account (and dear b will be happy to tell you how cool it is), you should be able to do at least that from your phone.

You can also put your tweets on your blog as well - look at b's blog to see what it looks like.

Always happy to help!



aero1600 said...

You should also learn how to respond to text messages from your crackberry.


Monica said...

Hey lady you have been a busy bee for sure!
So fun that she set her mind on such a goal as the Olympics!
Hey on a side note check out the grocery stores for RICE DREAM ...gluten free yummy ice cream. I think you can even get it at frys r bashas ans not just the health food stores.
Good luck to her with the diet!