Sunday, September 21, 2008

Should Be Sunday

Today is Sunday. There are lots of things I should be doing. The house has backslid into chaos the last few days, laundry is piling up again, and I need to prepare for the trip I'm taking to Michigan on Friday. Instead, I'm sitting here on the computer. I'm wondering where all my blog friends are, since nobody seems to be updating their blogs either. Maybe they are all busy doing the things they should be doing instead of blogging. Maybe I should take the hint.

I'm rationalizing my procrastination by telling myself that it's really early and I shouldn't even be awake right now. Tiff woke me up early, upset that the tooth fairy didn't come (again). The tooth fairy is a forgettful chick. Sometimes days go by before she shows up. Part of the problem is the fact that she only has a $5 bill in her wallet right now, but mainly she just keeps forgetting. She could scrounge up 4 quarters if she remembered. She has terrible short term memory though.

So for now I'm going to sit here, cruise the internet a little while longer, drink some coffee and try to wake up. Then I will try to do something productive. The painter is supposed to come back today to do some touch ups and if he's done early enough and the house is cleaned up enough, maybe I can treat myself to something fun. I need to get a haircut and a pedicure before my trip on Friday.


just beth said...

Hey! I'm procrastinating, too! I'm so glad you blogged so I could have something to read.

Where are you going Friday?



aero1600 said...

If it makes you feel any better, I'm not even out of bed yet.