Sunday, September 14, 2008

Weekly Summary

Until I get my life back it looks like this is going to be a weekly blog. You still love me right?

The sickening pace continues. Last week amongst all the daily swim practice, twice a week (yup you heard me twice) soccer practice, girl scout meetings, and PTSA meeting I got quite a bit of other stuff done too. I managed to drive to timbuktu to get a bed frame for my oldest child's bed, exchange a birthday gift for a different size, and stop at the fabric store on the way home on Monday. Tuesday I had coffee with Alisha in the morning, went to the bookstore, and then I went to the girl scout store and had lunch with my friend Jenn. Wednesday I cleaned up Kimberly's room and cleaned her carpets. Thursday I cleaned more carpets. Friday I worked and got to take Tiff to a soccer practice. She rewarded me by sitting there and refusing to do anything. I just about lost my freaking mind.

Here I must mention that on Thursday I decided it was a great day to quit smoking and Friday I discovered that I'm not going to be in my right mind for the next 5 days or so if you know what I mean. Yeah great timing, I know. So Tiff is just sitting there and refuses to practice and I'm wondering why I do this to myself. I run myself ragged taking the kids to all these activities THEY want to do, and they show their grattitude by sitting on their soccer balls refusing to participate. Oh this is just not right. So we leave practice early. We come home and I try to keep my head from exploding.

Saturday I'm up at the crack of dawn (well maybe not the crack of dawn, but 7:30 is early for me) and off to a parent meeting for my daughters swim team. It's all about what our responsibilities are as parents, fundraising, volunteering to help run meets, etc. There's a big push for people to volunteer to be stroke and turn judges and board members and guess what??? I didn't sign up for anything. Ha. I know, that's a first for me. The thing is, I will have to do something. All the parents are required to participate. Unlike all the other things I volunteer for that I'm not required to.

After the swim meeting I came home, packed up Tiff's room, cleaned her carpet and the carpet in the living room. Aimee worked on her room and can actually put shoes in her closet now. Amazing isn't it? So that's about it. I'm starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. With all the bedrooms pretty much emptied out of anything that is mess creating, carpets cleaned and things tidied, I think I'm ready to have people come look at the house.


just beth said...

My favorite part? And the part that makes you JUST LIKE ME?? You DON'T volunteer when you *have* to, and volunteer ALL OVER HELL when it's totally up to you!

Gawd! I hope it all settles down soon.



Lorna said...

Yeah, that's exactly what I thought. I think next year, everyone is going to swim, and I'm only going to volunteer for swim. How simple life will be.