Saturday, March 8, 2008

Lizards can't swim

You'd be surprised the things I've learned are not very good swimmers. At our house back in California I found all kinds of things that couldn't swim in my pool regularly. We had quite a bit more wildlife there than we do here, but the creatures that tried to swim most often were the lizards. (I can also tell you that tarantulas and potato bugs are crappy swimmers) So it came as no surprise to me yesterday to see a dead lizard at the bottom of my pool. Kimberly flipped out. "Ewww, that's gross. Get the net. We have to get it out of there now. I'm going to be sick." I tell her "fine, get the net." She proceeds to fish the dead lizard from the pool. When she gets it out, she picks it up with her bare hand and starts carrying it around the yard. (I don't get why it's so gross in the pool, but not in her hand. Maybe it was just a clever ruse to get me to let her remove it from the pool). Then she comes running and tosses it into her bug box and insists that it moved. I look at it, and it's definitely in lizard heaven. I assure her it wasn't moving. I ask her again to go throw it away. Instead she decides it needs a proper burial. So she and her friends dug a hole and gave the lizard they never had the chance to get to know a proper send off.