Thursday, March 27, 2008

How a spider broke the closet door

I don't like spiders. Spiders are icky. I understand they perform a job and are important to our world. I know that we would be overrun by other icky things if we didn't have them. That doesn't mean I want them in my bedroom.

Tuesday morning Tiffany came into my room and shrieked "eww, a spider". "Where" I asked her, as she jumped up on my bed. She pointed to the spider that was on the floor just at the foot of my bed. So there we were, perched on the end of my bed, staring down this spider that was as big as a quarter and fuzzy. I called to Aimee "Are you dressed yet". "Yes" she replied. "Good, come here please and squish this spider." She came in, laughed and Tiffany and I, and squished the spider.

I called the pest control people and they came out yesterday afternoon. I spent the 32 hours in between these two events trying to get the kids rooms all picked up so the bug guy would be able to spray all around the baseboards in their rooms, lest any spiders try to snuggle with the kids. The kids didn't see what the big deal was and spent most of the time goofing off. They managed to break one of the closet doors in the process. What is it about a piece of wood hanging from two very little wheels that says "Hey, come lean on me, I can support your weight"? Needless to say, I was unable to get the wheels back on the little track. One more thing for Jay to do when he comes home this weekend. I'm sure he will be thrilled.


Monica said...

I have learned to kill those dern spiders, still dont like them thoguh.
I am terrified of LIZARDS...eewww!!!!