Saturday, March 8, 2008

Can we swim today?

It's March and we live in Arizona. Contrary to popular belief, it isn't 120 degrees all year here. In the winter it does get cold, and our pools get quite chilly. So when the weather starts warming up, of course the pool takes awhile to catch up. This past few weeks it's been very nice with temps in the high 70's to low 80's. (To those who are jealous because you are still dealing with snow, just remember I will be jealous of your 70's and 80's when it's 120 here.) Yesterday the kids were outside playing and since it was nice they wanted to swim. There is no convincing a child that 60 degree water is too cold to swim in. You can deal with a daily round of "Can we swim today?", or you can do what I did yesterday and say "SURE!, just don't forget your towel". Hillarity insued. My 6 year old was the only one who really fell for this as the other two have learned this lesson already in previous years. I have to say though, this one was the most entertaining. She ran off, got her bathing suit, and her towel. She came out and asked if I would take a picture of her. I said "Sure, go get my camera, and as soon as you have your whole self wet, I'll take a picture of you". She ran and got my camera. She started getting in, and apparently her legs are impervious to cold. She was on the second step and still declaring that the water was fine. Then it happened. She took the next step and was now waist deep in the water, she exclaimed "HOLY CRAP!!!" Now you need to understand that this is not something she normally says, or something that I would normally allow her to say, but I was so busy falling out of my chair laughing that I forgot to reprimand her. Of course there is no picture, because she was out with her towel before I got off the floor.