Monday, March 10, 2008


Sucks. I remember as a child trying desperately to get my mind to stop going a mile a minute at bedtime. Focusing on just the black of my eyelids. If a stray thought popped up, returning my wandering mind to the dark. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't. I continue to be plagued by insomnia. I've even been given some nice sleeping pills (that hardly work). The problem is that by the time I realize that I'm not going to be sleeping, it's too late to take one. Now there have been many times that I have taken them and nothing happens, I still lay there awake, but the ONE time I take one when I have "less than 8 hours to devote to sleep", wouldn't you know I slept right through the alarm, didn't wake up until 8, and my kids were all late for school. So the other night, about 12:30, I'm laying in bed and have the realization that I'm wide awake. I have things on my mind, like the upcoming 504 meeting, what to do with the kids for a whole week for spring break, missing my hubby, but nothing so urgent that it couldn't wait for the morning. The morning that was going to come at 6:45 am sharp, whether I wanted it to or not, because I needed to get up and take my little one to sell Girl Scout cookies in front of a grocery store. So I laid in bed for 6 hours, and then got up, exhausted at 6:30. After cookie sales were done, I took a nap, which of course made it so when I went to bed, I wasn't sleepy.