Thursday, August 7, 2008


I was reading through my older posts just now. I like reading what I write. I crack myself up. Hopefully lots of other people think I'm as funny as I do. In reading my old posts I came across a couple of posts that I felt required updating. So here you go.

Remember when I told you that Lizards Can't Swim? Kimberly fished a dead lizard out of the pool and then decided it needed to be buried? I even included a nifty picture of the burial? Well about a month ago I found a box in my garage labeled "Do not open. Lizard inside" Yup, you guessed it. Apparently after the burial, Kimberly decided she wasn't done playing with the dead lizard and robbed his little lizard grave and played with him some more. Then she decided to stash him in the garage for safe keeping. Well let me tell you, by late June it's a nice 110 degrees here, and it probably gets up to like 130 in the garage. Not the best place for keeping a 4 month old dead creature. Eww. I threw the whole box away and didn't even peek.

On another note, remember in March when I proudly told you I had finally sorted the sock basket. Well, I can now, not so proudly tell you that it hasn't been touched again since. In my defense we haven't had much need for socks in the last two months with the kids out of school and all, but I'm still pretty ashamed.

Lastly, remember when I told you about our 504 meeting. It went so well. I was so encouraged. Well by the time I got the actual printed version in my hands I was not happy with how things were worded so I sent it back asking for certain things to be corrected. The teacher then countered my corrections and refused to sign off on it. We ended up needing to have two more meetings with the District 504 supervisor on hand to mediate. Of course she understood where I was coming from and the fact that I was 100% right on everything I was asking for. As a bonus, she even suggested some really cool shit I hadn't even thought about. The end result was, the day before school ended we finally had our 504 plan in place. It only took all year. The teacher still wasn't thrilled with the fact that she had to sign off on it, and I wanted to say "Why do you care? It's not like you are going to have to do any of these things since there is only one day of school left", but I didn't. I think maybe she was worried about the other teachers kicking her ass when they found out about it.