Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Cut the apron strings already

I was just reading an article about parents of Generation Y kids being way over involved in their kids burgeoning careers. Calling the kids boss to ask why the kid got a bad review and so on. I know it's true though because I see it frequently in my workplace. It's amazing how many ADULTS think it's acceptable to call and ask why their kid wasn't hired, why their kid got a bad review, etc. Maybe it's because the kid doesn't know how to do anything without mommy holding his or her hand???? I'm not in management where I work currently, but I have been in the past and at one point ran my own company so I do have a little experience in this area. I never had to deal with this then, so it's definitely something that's happened in the last few years. I see it more and more every day. Like I said, I'm not the manager, but I do answer the phone and frequently it's a parent is calling to ask if we are hiring, or the status of their kid's application. With the current economy we are receiving ten times as many applications than we were just a month ago. The competition is much tougher, and I really can't help but think that the ones that do get hired are the ones that didn't need mommy to walk them in for their interview. Yes, that happens too. Don't these parents realize that their job as a parent is to raise a child who can function in society without them??? Wouldn't these exact same parents have been mortified if their own parents had called their boss at their first job and asked about their performance review? How in the world have people gotten so warped to think this is cool? I have two kids that fall in the tail end of Gen Y, and I would never think to call on their behalf. When it comes time that they are looking for a job, I may teach them how to write a resume, give them interview tips, or help them pick just the right clothes for their interview, but I'm not going to call to set up the interview or walk in there with them. It's my job to get them ready, not to do it all for them.


just beth said...

God, really? That seems so wrong. I was reading a blog from Mir at Woulda Coulda Shoulda about the same thing, actually. About not being a 'helicopter' parent. And then I read yours, and I'm all 'blech, yeah, I'm nothing like that!'

and today i'm going to sign The Boy up for football even if he doesn't want to. maybe not quite the same, but still. sigh.

Oh, and I just got your message last night, so i'll try to call you today.