Monday, August 11, 2008

First day of school

Today the kids went back to school. It's amazing how quickly time passes. My oldest is in 8th grade this year, the middle one is in 5th, and my baby is in 2nd.

Yesterday there was so much to do to get them ready for school to start. Of course I had to make my day even busier by deciding that the little two should have desks in their rooms and headed off to IKEA which is almost an hour away from me to get them. I'm happy to say though that they are super excited about their new desks, and I'm super excited that they will each have a place to do homework where they won't bug and distract each other.

Hopefully this year will go smoothly. I've drilled into Aimee that she needs to do (and turn in) her homework, no matter how boring it is, Kimberly has her 504 plan in place, and Tiffany has the same teacher that Kimberly had for 2nd grade. If she could handle Kimberly, I'm sure she can handle Tiff. I'm looking forward to a great year.

In addition to going to IKEA yesterday and putting together new desks and chairs, I also finally got the cell phone thing straightened out. It seems that the block that the first guy I talked to Friday night was keeping my unsubscribe messages from going through. While I was on the phone with the 5th guy yesterday, he unblocked it, I sent the text, got the confirmation, and then he re-blocked the phone. I can't tell you how relieved I am to be done with that. I also got the tracking number for my new phone and it will be here Wednesday. YAY.

So now I'm off to work. Have a happy Monday.


just beth said...

how's school going??