Thursday, October 28, 2010

Not A Prude

Anyone that knows me, knows that I'm not a prude. 
 I know how to have a good time, but this.... 


Those are not the costumes I was considering for myself this year.

Those are the TWEEN costumes my TWELVE YEAR OLD had to choose from this year.  

Really???  Thank you so much for including those SEE THROUGH TIGHTS with that ADULT costume that isn't more than a freaking TUBE TOP!!  That so makes this more appropriate for my child that is just barely beginning to notice boys.  Way to tell her that slutting it up is the way to get their attention.  

OH.  And they wanted $35 - $40 for that crap! 
 Break my wallet and turn my kid into a hooker at the same time.  

I refused.  We ended up with this, a Geisha costume.

My twelve year old is dressing as a hooker for Halloween!  
OH WELL, at least she's going to be a COVERED UP hooker.  

(yes, I know, Geisha weren't really hookers, the Orian were the hookers)

Oh yeah, and this covered up costume...  $14.99.

But next year, I'm boycotting store bought costumes.  
Like it or not, my kids and I will all be dressing like this next Halloween.

I'm just disappointed that I didn't find all these great homemade costume ideas from
 Disney's Family Fun until after I had wasted two days driving all over town
 trying to find prude costumes for my kids.


Jennifer said...

This is just too cute! If you do dress as little duckies next year I promise I will come for a visit and dress-up with you!