Monday, October 11, 2010


The kids started school a month ago. New schools in a new town. Great schools. Schools that my kids love. This was one of my biggest fears. We'd move all this way and the kids would hate it. But they don't. They like it here, they really do. Not that they don't miss their friends in Arizona, but they aren't miserable every day, pining over what was left behind. Instead they are tackling each day with a smile on their face, looking forward to all the new and different things they can do here.

Aimee joined the swim team and started the year with a bunch of new friends. Kimberly is going to a real middle school, with lockers, changing classes, electives, and even having to dress for PE. Most of the kids Tiffany already knew from the neighborhood are in her class, plus she met some new ones.

Fall in Michigan has brought trees changing colors, and leaves to rake.

Surprisingly Kimberly LOVES yard work.
Give the kid a rake and she's in seventh heaven.
I hope the novelty doesn't wear off.
This is only the first tree to change.

The kids made scarecrows at our town's Harvest Festival
and decorated our yard with them.
A few nights ago, we got BOO'd.
The doorbell rang, and when we answered the door,
we found this adorable little guy attached to a bag of candy.

The instructions say:
1. Eat the CANDY!!!!
2. Make a copy of this picture to boo another neighbor
3. Leave a bag of candy and the copied piece of paper at their doorstep.
Remember to be sneaky.
4. Put the picture of the ghost in your window so everyone can see.

The kids thought this was the coolest thing ever.

I just hope that everyone enjoys winter just as much.