Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Giving credit where credit is due

After writing yesterday's post, I realized that I may have exaggerated ever so slightly about the fact that my husband claims he can build stuff and yet has only ever built me a mantel.  The mantel was part of a complete living room remodel.  I've got some pictures, but you're going to have to use your imagination for some of this story.  Unfortunately I wasn't so good about capturing this whole process on film.

This is what we started with.  A cute little house that we rented for three years before we purchased.  See those two floor to ceiling windows in the front.  Yeah, I hated them.  My couch backed up to them so I could never open the blinds without showing the neighborhood the back of my couch.  Plus they were drafty.  For three years I said, "If this were my house, I'd take those windows out and put in one (dual paned) window that doesn't go all the way to the floor"

Three days after we closed escrow on the house, the neighbors were invited over, beer was purchased and within a few hours those windows were gone, and in their place was a beautiful eight foot wide by four foot high dual paned window set inside brand new framing.

Now we needed to put up new drywall, texture, and paint,  
but we couldn't do that to just this wall,
 it wouldn't match with all the others in the room if we did.  
The entire room and adjoining hallway were re-textured and painted.  
By my hubby.

We said goodbye to the 1970's style popcorn ceiling too, courtesy of my hubby.

Then he brought the room into a more modern age by installing recessed lighting, 
a ceiling fan, and crown moulding.  You can kinda see part of the fan and one
 recessed light in the picture above.

He had never done stucco before, so he called a friend that had, and the outside got finished too.
Here's a picture I took before the final color coat of stucco went on.  
Somehow I never got a picture of the end result.

I found this picture from the following Halloween where you can see just a smidge of
 the decorative moulding and ledge that the hubby built around the new window.

Then there was that mantel that I referred to yesterday.  
Here is it's before picture.

This was the crappiest mantel ever, and another thing that I had said for three years 
I would fix if it were my house.  It was made out of 4 x 4's for the pieces that surround the 
brick and then sitting on top of that were two warped 1 x 4's.  Anything I tried to set on top
 would tip over either because of the warped condition of the boards or the gap between
 them that ran the length of the mantel.

Utterly useless.

I personally got to use a sledgehammer and a crowbar to remove this.  
Oh my was that fun.

I sketched out what I wanted the mantel to look like and my hubby built it for me.
It was perfect and looked just like my sketch.
Do you think I got a picture of it?

Sort of?

Here is a picture from the following Christmas.  You can see a corner of it.

The last step in the remodel was ripping out the old grey carpet and installing laminate
 flooring in the whole house.  As soon as the hubby did that, we decided to sell the house 
and move to Arizona.  I never got any pictures of the laminate floors.

Thinking about all this reminds me of how much more fun it is to live in an old house.  

I like to build stuff.  
And break stuff with sledgehammers. 

 I need another old house. 
And some wood.
And a new saw for the hubby.


Leslie Limon said...

I'm currently obsessed with living rooms, so I'm very happy that you posted these pics! :)

Isn't it nice having a Hubby who is so handy? :)

Lorna said...

It's wonderful that he is so handy, but he's always so busy, it's hard to get him to do these kinds of projects. I really want to buy a 100 yr old house and restore it, but he looks like he's ready to send me to the loony bin every time I mention it.