Tuesday, October 7, 2008

This and That

Again a week has gone by without writing. I just didn't have anything monumental to write about. I was all bummed that my little vacation was over and I moped for days. I didn't get much of anything accomplished, but I forgive myself. So here are the few little highlights of my week. Not neccessarily good things, just stuff that happened.

Directv DVR sucks monkey butt

My Directv DVR decided to erase or not record all the season premieres that played last week. I turned on the tv the other night to watch some tube and found my list EMPTY. Not a thing there, and I have no friggin clue why. I'm seriously pissed. I seriously follow about 10 shows, all three CSI's, Bones, House, Pushing Daisies, and well a few others I can't name right now. Ok so let's say 6 shows. The CSI's especially all ended with nifty cliffhangers that I wan't to see the resolution to. Hopefully they are all on the internet. It just reminds me of the fact that Directv used to have Tivo, and Tivo kicks DVR butt. I still have one in my living room, but the kids have taken control of it recording all kinds of kid crap. The only good thing about the DVR was it had WAY more recording space, but what does that matter if it just RANDOMLY erases everything??? The Tivo never did that.

Inconsiderate Real Estate Agents should be strung up by the toenails

People came last night to see my house. Not at 5:30 when they said they would and I was purposely out of the house, because it's just weird watching strangers walk through your house, but an hour late at 6:30 when I was in the middle of trying to do homework with Kimberly and making a salad. Rude! Rude I tell you. It put me in a funk for the rest of the night. It made it all the more real to me that someone is going to buy this house, and more than likely want to live in it, because it is after all a really awesome house, and I'm going to be forced to move to a way less awesome house.

Change is not always good

I bought a new kind of coffee at the store. I'm kinda new to coffee, being like the last 30 something year old on the planet that didn't own a coffee maker until about 6 months ago when after mentioning to my mom that it might be nifty to have one, she picked one up for me at Kohl's for 10 bucks. It sat in the box under my bed for another couple of months until I decided to start using it when I had to give up soda as a means of self medicating myself with caffiene. My friend Alisha was staying with me then, and she actually knew how to make the coffee maker make coffee. She went to the store and bought coffee and filters and taught me how to do it. Ever since then I have been buying the same coffee that she did. Last week I decided to change it up. Bought some kind of Brazilian Blend. It sounded good, but it tastes like crap.

That might make a good book

I got this crazy idea to write a book. Not some kind of auto biography or witty book about parenting like other bloggers are doing, NOPE pure fiction. One day last week this thought popped into my head. "Hey, a book about a talking dog with tourette's syndrome would be really cool" it said. So I started pondering it, and I've since come up with some other great characters and now I'm working on what those characters are actually going to do.


brookah said...

1.your book already has me smiling and almost giggling at the thought of it! :D
2.Real Estate Agents suck sweaty goat balls when it comes to showing up.
3.i'm sorry you had to come back to reality and miss your shows. a double whammy like no other! reality without an escape...ick.
4. i'm sick again, so what else is new?

LenaLoo said...

Just a random note - found a sock monkey book in Japantown and thought of you... have you ever made a sock monkey out of the girls mismatched cute socks? like the printed kind? that's what it was about... :)