Sunday, February 3, 2008

What happened to my weekend?

It's Sunday night and between the Girl Scout thing yesterday and working today, I didn't get much of a weekend. It's just gone. Poof! No relaxing with my feet up, no sleeping in, no reading my books. Tomorrow I need to take Lovely Bones back, I still haven't had a chance to start it and now someone else has requested it. I'm bummed. I spent my time this morning going grocery shopping and doing laundry before heading off to work. I've been a stay at home mom for several years now, so this working thing is going to take some getting used to. It will be nice to have some extra cash though which is why I decided to do it. All the kids are in school now during the day, and even though I could busy myself all day with cleaning and laundry, doing those isn't going to give us some extra spending money.


Bethalea said...

hey, you should totally read lovely bones. its sooo different from other books, i really enjoyed it.