Saturday, February 2, 2008

Saturday clean up

Today there wasn't much cleaning to do. Why you ask? Because I did it all on Thursday and Friday. At least I got all the main rooms and bathrooms clean. Today we had all our Girl Scouts over to my house to learn about other countries for Thinking Day. It was fun. I did Ireland and made some corned beef and cabbage for the girls to try. How yummy. I was thinking about posting the recipe on Monday, but I think I'll wait until closer to St. Patrick's Day. In case you didn't know, I'm Irish, and St. Patrick's day is my favorite holiday after Christmas and my birthday and only because those come with presents. We didn't quite get the girls rooms cleaned, so we shut their doors. After the Girl Scouts left, my girls were sent back to work on their rooms. It's now dinner time and two out of three are fairly clean. It will be really nice if they can get it done so we can relax tomorrow.