Monday, November 29, 2010

I'm Kind Of A Big Deal

You know when bloggers write about the bad PR pitches they receive?
I always thought, I'll know when I'm a big deal blogger when I get bad PR pitches too.

So a few days ago I get this email,
asking ME if I'd be interested in doing a review/giveaway.

Unlike some of the offers I've heard other bloggers laugh at, this seemed well written (enough), 
and didn't ask me to whore myself out while getting nothing in return.

Of course, they didn't address me by name, 
but they didn't screw up my name either, so I'll call that even.

I checked out their website with minimal expectations and immediately saw that they carry a brand of cookware that I've lusted over for years, but this is what happened when I considered buying a piece of it once.

Me (to hubby):  "While I was out shopping today I saw this awesome skillet, 
I almost bought it, but thought I should run it by you."

Hubby:  "Why?"

Me:  " It was $70"

Him:  "It's a good thing you didn't buy it then, 
I would have had to hit you upside the head with it."

Me:  "That would have hurt.  It was cast iron."

I emailed them back and said "Sure, I'd love to receive two of these skillets.  
One for me and one to giveaway to one of my 19 many followers." 

I don't know for sure if this is how it works, but it sure as heck is how I want it to work, 
so I decided to put it out there.  The worst they could say is no, right? 

I'm pretty sure at some point they will figure out that I am not, in fact, the big deal they thought I was, and rescind their offer to give me free stuff.  In the meantime I'll dream, and maybe if each of you goes and finds a few friends to come follow me before they come to check me out further, we'll actually get these frying pans.  
Hint Hint.

After replying to them with my wishes, I went back to close the window to their online store, 
but got distracted by a coffee mug with what appeared to be rabbits on it, 
doing that thing that rabbits are famous for.  

I clicked on it, and what would you know, it was a coffee mug, with rabbits, making rabbits.  
In. Multiple. Positions.  
Like I'm pretty sure it was the bunny Kama Sutra on a coffee mug.  

BUT THEN, once I was actually looking at the mug with the fornicating rabbits on it, 
it suggested that people that liked that item also viewed....  
the coffee mug with the bears, 
or the one with the penguins, 
or elephants, 
all of them in the throes of passion.  

Well except maybe the bears, 
they kinda looked like they were trying to bite each other's faces off. 

Then I was pissed at myself for not looking a little longer before agreeing to write sponsored content for a frying pan when I could have had the bunny porn mug!  I've decided that if they turn me down for the skillet, telling me that a blog with only nineteen followers isn't worthy of a $70 skillet, I'm going to ask again for the mug.  
It's only $5.99.


stanleyville said...

Bahahahahahahaha! Thanks for the laugh!

Knifty Thrifty said...

Totally disturbing bunny porn coffee mugs.

LenaLoo said...

Okay now I get the tweet! But you still get an award for most random tweet of the year! :) thanks for your support with the weaning thing. The kiddo is doing pretty good and I am doing okay now :)