Friday, May 29, 2009

Snap 2 Twitter FAIL

Snap 2 Twitter is a pretty cool app I downloaded on my blackberry. It allows you to take a pic with your phone and then tweet about it and upload all in one step.


I just was on twitter seeing what the pic tweet I just sent looked like(Kimberly's little stuffed dog on the pony wall with a creepy note). Followed the little mini url to my pic. It totally worked, pretty cool, but then WHOA!!! There is a pic on there that looks like cleavage or ass cheek or something. No wonder I've had so many new twitter followers this week! They think I'm some porn twitterer or something.

And the picture. Yeah, totally my knee. Took it by accident. So totally not porn. Totally didn't mean to post it.

The problem is the minute you snap a pic it goes to this Snap 2 Twitter app. Gives you the option to "save and tweet" or "save only". You have to hit save only in order to go back and delete the accidental knee pics. Apparently I hit save and tweet by accident.

Don't bother going to look for it now, I deleted it.


Molly said...

haha. too funny! i posted a twitpic on accident that was horrible and it took me forever to delete it. at least it was not pornoish. :)

David Chang said...

Thanks for sharing your experience with Snap2Twitter. My name is David Chang, one of the folks at SnapMyLife, the company that created the Snap2Twitter app for the BlackBerry and iPhone. You're right in that the app gives you two main options right after you snap a picture: "Save only" and "Save & Tweet". We've received feedback that most of our Snap2Twitter BlackBerry users like having both one-click options. After taking their first few pictures, they quickly get used to the placement of the two buttons, and they love how easy it is to save or tweet photos.

One more thing I'd like to note regarding the nature of the pictures on SnapMyLife. We've developed a back-end system that automatically removes offensive pictures to ensure a great experience for a wide range of users. As far as we know, no other service goes through the lengths that we do in order to ensure a porn-free environment. In fact, some of our most active users are parents (including myself) who use SnapMyLife to share mobile photos with their friends and family.

Thanks again for checking out the Snap2Twitter BlackBerry app, and I'm sorry about your first experience. I hope that you'll give it another try.