Wednesday, March 18, 2009

How to ruin St. Patrick's Day

Those of you who have been reading my blog for a year or more know that St. Patrick's Day is one of my most favorite holidays (after my birthday and Christmas because those involve presents). I am Irish after all. What a wonderful holiday to celebrate my heritage, eat one of my favorite foods (after lobster and cheesecake) corned beef and cabbage, and maybe ingest a green beverage or ten.

So you want to know how this St. Patrick's Day got ruined? My mom. My mom who's universe revolves around me, who lacks any friends of her own to invite over to her St. Patrick's Day dinner, tells me that I AM to come over for dinner tonight. Not an invite. Not, "hey would you like to have St. Patrick's Day dinner at my house?". Nope. These were her exact words. "Don't buy a corned beef brisket because I already got one". Oh. So with that I was EXPECTED for dinner at her house tonight. I've been dreading it since she dropped that little bomb a week ago.

SHE isn't even Irish. I got all my Irish from my DAD who was BORN.IN.IRELAND. I want to cook my own corned beef damn it!!! I want to have my own family tradition with MY kids. She already has laid claim to Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter. Can't I have freaking St. Patrick's Day??? Crap.

Then to make matters worse. She has to go and try to make some fancy corned beef recipe. Put a bunch of extra garbage in there like cloves and G-d knows what else and you know what it tasted like?? Brine. It was so freaking salty all I could taste was SALT and more SALT. Irish cooking is simple. You boil everything. And corned beef is one of those few things that isn't ruined when you boil it. The flavor from just peppercorns, the cabbage, and some onions is all it needs.

So next year, I'm buying my corned beef brisket in January and inviting all my friends over well in advance so if my mom tries this stunt again, I'll be ready with. "Oh sorry mom, you should have asked me first. I ALREADY have plans OF.MY.OWN."


Roxane said...

Ugh I'm so sorry your holiday got ruined :(
Maybe you can have a do-over with your friends this weekend?! (no Mom allowed!) I know it wont be the same but at least you can have a green drink or ten!

Mrs. B. Roth said...

Should have gone with the "I already have plans" thing this time, but for sure next time.

I did the whole Irish dinner thing and is WAS amazingly simple and delicious - boil meat with the spice packet, add potatoes and carrots, add cabbage and onions. We also made whole wheat GREEN bread rolls and had the green milk leftover from the green pancake breakfast.

My dad died on St. Patrick's ... my annual celebration has dual meaning. Aren't wakes an Irish traditions? Celebrating the life rather than morning the death?

Happy Green Day.

Anti-Supermom said...

Yep, next year totally tell her that you already brought the corn beef, it's in the fridge and your table is full so she can't come.

Sorry Mom.

I hope she doesn't read your blog, mine does.

Monica said...

Girl you should have said that in the first place!