Saturday, November 29, 2008

Movies and Moving

My morning started off with getting the kids together and heading for the movie theatre. After lightening my wallet considerably buying tickets, popcorn, candy, and drinks, we saw Bolt. Well actually the little two and I saw Bolt while the oldest and her boyfriend chose Madagascar. Bolt was really cute, and the really great computer animation of Hollywood made me homesick.

Then we came home and I made the little two sort through their boxes in the garage, trying desperately to slim down the crap we are going to have to move in what is now 31 days. This is Tiff sorting her stuff.

Notice how thrilled she looks? She was upset that it was taking so long. Do you also see that she is wearing a baby doll bib, one purple glove, an arm band, a watch, and a bracelet. This was before she put on the headband with two feathery antenae and a purple hair clip. She spent more time playing with the stuff than sorting it. She ended up purging one box of stuff.

Next it was Kimberly's turn. She didn't have as much to start with, and still managed to purge a box as big as Tiff did. I didn't get any pictures, because she was finished rather quickly. I think she may be the only one in the house lacking the pack rat gene.

Tomorrow will be Aimee's turn. She currently has more boxes than both of her sisters put together, but since I know she just packed everything she found into boxes, I'm sure once we remove the candy wrappers, garbage, hangers, and dirty clothes we should reduce her pile by half. That's the goal at least.